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Dear Fellow Traveler,
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WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAT ON AN AIRPLANE WHERE YOUR CALVES DIDN'T TIGHTEN UP? You sit in your seat and enjoy your flight. You have a refreshing drink, do some work, talk on the phone and/or have conversation with your neighbor. But your calves still feel tight, and your body feels cramped.


According to the World Health Organization's Wright Report, *for travelers who fly longer than four hours at a time, 1 out of every 6,000 flyers get VTEs (venous thromboembolism. This is the combined term for deep vein thrombosis which usually happens in the legs and a breaking off or rupturing of this embolus (clot) that could travel upward in the body to the lungs.When the clot lodges in the lungs, it is called a pulmonary embolism which can be extremely serious. Body movement and organ movement are great combatants.

If you knew you could protect yourself from your blood's thickening and causing circulatory malfunction, just by doing a few movements, wouldn't you? Of course you would. So let's be diligent.


Blood clots seem to occur in coach class and first class, more often on long flights, less frequently on short flights, and certainly depend upon healthy body weight, rest, health history, frequency of flying and a whole lot of other factors. You can do a simple series of exercises to give your blood its best chance of flowing well.


Plus, along with that, iIf you knew you could strengthen your abs, feel powerful and energized while you relaxing your body and mind and the same time as you were stimulating your blood flow and deepened your respiration, wouldn't you?


You're not going anywhere if you're sitting on a plane. So get the best workout possible for health and fitness, THE AIRPLANE WORKOUT.


Windham, NH


"Jim Rohn once said that a book was the best investment you could make because it represented 30 years of a person's life work in 300 pages for under $30. Diane Gold's The Airplane Workout clearly represents her life's work.


But the really cool thing is it's presented in such a neat and concise, paint-by-numbers, graphically illustrated way that you can absorb it in a fraction of the time it takes to read a 300-page book. And clearly, Diane has wisdom when it comes to taking care of our bodies in a stressful travel environment.


Even if you only wind up glancing at the exercise pictures and using only one of them, the book will have paid you back many times your investment. What a contribution."

Be good to yourself. This is a no risk offer that can truly save your life.


Think about it! A short workout will pass your time with great results: elongating muscles, strengthening the core, preparing your focus, teaching you how to relax the joints, protecting you against blood clots for your personal safety. Good times.

THE AIRPLANE WORKOUT is fun, short, effective. Take the plunge. It's yours by clicking below!.


Diane Gold has trained in martial arts for nearly three decades. She has been teaching kung fu, tai chi, chi kung and meditation since 1996.

Through her understanding of body mechanics, she has created a safe airplane workout with very detailed directions. Her mission is to develop body/mind workouts that will add to people's becoming more humane to each other as they learn through physical exercise to maximize their spiritual, physical and emotional health.

Diane is excited about your doing the exercises in this book.


Here's The Deal!

The Airplane Workout

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Imagine one exercise set that could help you with every other exercise you ever do. By clicking below, you can receive The Airplane Workout which has alignment secrets for you. And there's no risk to you.

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Please don't let this happen on your next trip.
You can get The Airplane Workout right now.

My best,

Diane Gold


P.S. Here's what MaryEllen Tribby had to say about
The Airplane Workout


Author, Entrepreneur


"Flying is the perfect time to catch up on my reading. However, I often feel as if I'm inside a box and notice that I feel tight in the legs and arms, and the seat back is never right – even in 1st class.

But what I discovered the last time I flew was something special: Diane Gold's The Airplane Workout. It’s a gem of a book that gave me exercises, specifically for flying.


At first, I was leery about how I could work out on a plane with soft seats and a limited amount of room on all sides of me.


I got in position exactly as instructed in the book and followed the easy directions. The small movements that were required had a tremendous effect on all my body parts. It was almost electric. I could feel my blood pulsing, and it happened almost immediately.


I was so amazed at how small movements using the right body alignment could have such an impact.

I'm a fan of the book. Go get it. It's a great workout and really gets the abs, too.


~ MaryEllen Tribby, #1 Best Selling Author, Reinventing The Entrepreneur: Turning Your Dream Business into a Reality

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The Airplane Workout is the only airplane workout developed by a kung fu expert using kung fu principles to maximize body strength and alignment. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
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